the big energy project is a voluntary project being run in the town of belper in derbyshire uk.  the project is loosely linked to the transition group in the town and grew out of discussions about energy usage.

the small group of volunteers meet roughly once a month to discuss progress development of the ideas.

this blog is maintained by one of the volunteers and he is dsylexic.  one aspect of the project is to find workarounds of the often negative and difficult language that is associated with discussions connected to things to do with fossil fuel and the climate.

the concept of big energy connects to the feeling that happens when a large group of people get together to do something.  the project is looking to create things to do to bring together the large group of people.

an emerging obstacle that the group is considering is that of ” sticking to what you know “.  during the cup of tea challenge we’ve noticed the concept is easy for people who regularly work outside and regularly use a fire or a kelly kettle to heat water to create  a lovely cup of tea.

something else the group is attempting with the cup of tea challenge is to share stories of experiences via social media and seeing if this is more successful that the attempts to engage local people to the group.

the group is also trying to work out if the counter side of sticking to what you know is steering away from things one doesn’t know.

progress is slow and the getting together to share what has been happening is proving to be a key to the activity continuing.

this blog is evidence to what we attempted and what we tried.  the project is still live and still attempting the things it sets out to attempt.

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